Angie’s List is among the premiere sites around assisting consumers to connect with many professionals that they may need. Apart from finding lawyers, doctors and various other professionals, the website enables users to find local contractors. What to expect when you are using this website?

For starters, you will discover that over one million registered users take advantage of the website often and provide helpful feedback about local contractors. This web site is easy and simple to use. There are a number of options on the main page, which includes a quick tour feature to help new users become familiar with how the site works. There is a certified data selection process on this site for accuracy and practicality when it comes to reviews in every listing; support from live call center; assistance if anything goes wrong with contractors and in contrast to several other review websites, there are no anonymous reviews on the site.

This service is the ideal solution for individuals looking for a professional, whether or not it’s a plumber to fix a leaky faucet or even a general contractor for home improvement projects, because of the site’s community and reliable customer support.


Easy and simple to use

Support when problems arise in the course of any project

Live call center service

Paid membership ensures accurate details for contractors

Reliable, accurate reviews and feedback for contractors supplied by real customers


Paid membership will be required to view the listings

Business owners are not allowed to add their businesses

For-profit business

Even though business owners may be miffed because they are unable to add a listing or review for their own company on Angie’s List, they have to understand that this is not the objective of the website. This site was designed to enable consumers to publish bad and good experiences. Whilst the paid membership may be an unexpected cost for many users, it leads to beneficial information and they will be able to pay for its overtime.

Users are able to rate their own experiences, find the best service for their requirements and do this without having to be worried about getting paid advertisements. Although this may be a setback for companies, it will help to guarantee that all reviews are accurate.

Final remark:

Nearly all users discover that it’s simple to use Angie’s List, once the preliminary signup is over. But, remember that to use the website you have to sign up for one of the membership options.


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