Annuity lead generation can be a daunting task and one of the many reasons annuity sales (for many) are hard to come by. The good news is… there are ways to increase the leads that result in bigger sales.

I retired from selling annuities and had some good years of over $4 million in annuity premium. Most of it materialized after after getting a hold of a couple of systems for creating annuity leads.

I remember thinking… “what do the big producers do and can I do the same?”

The answer was “YES” and came after doing a little research and finding that many top annuity sales reps use… “seminar marketing”. Of course that was a few years ago and laws change and competition changes.

The good thing was that me and my partners found a coach with a proven system. A guy out of Washington State that did about $12 Million a year in premium. And truth be told… it is a good thing we found the guy because generating annuity leads from seminars is a high stakes game…

Why “high stakes”? For one, there is a significant cost involved. You have to consider that you need the following:

A good direct mail list (with correct demographics).
A company that can do the printing and mailing.
The cost of the mailer.
Cost of facility (which if done right can be “free”).
Then there is the optional “Meal” for the attendees.
It adds up quick and while my partners did meals… I did not.

(I always figured that if my intentions were true and the presentation was of “real” value, I would easily be able to generate all the annuity leads I needed without the “bait-n-switch”.)

My costs would be about $2000 – $2500 per seminar (without the meal) and would produce a few hundred thousand in annuity sales (there was the occasional million dollar seminar, but keep in mind that I am in a low income state).

So that profits net from the workshop would be several thousand dollars and go into the company “kitty”. Payroll and rent paid would leave a little for take home pay.

Sounds easy right? Well, times have changed and even then you had to understand the sales process for annuities and be able to move people through it. Remember, we are talking about moving funds from an established brokerage account. Funds that in many cases represent a bulk of the retirement.

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