Can antivirus software save my computer or laptop from a costly repair?

Antivirus software aims to do just what it says on the tin; by protecting your computer from all the malicious malware out there lurking on the web.

Computer viruses come in many forms, and these malicious programs don’t have to been downloaded and manually run in the way you may have thought.

Computer Repair Myth. We can fall victim to a computer virus sent by other computer users we know and trust. By opening an email attachment that contain a hidden virus program, we not only infect our own computer or laptop, but once installed, this kind of virus will attempt to send itself to the other computers in your email address book. 2.5GB Switch

This type email computer virus attack is prolific as infected computers will continue to send infected files until the computer is repaired and the virus removed. If we scan our email attachment before we download them to our computers and laptops we will avoid this type of computer virus infection.

The Trojans
As the name suggests, these programs masquerade as harmless files such as media player plugins, but in reality they can be some of the most damaging computer virus infections. Once we have downloaded and run a Trojan file the virus will begin collecting information about our surfing habits and our usernames and passwords. I think almost everyone can see where this computer virus problem will lead to.

The Worms
Worms are another form of virus; these can infect a pc without you having to do anything at all, plugging in a USB memory stick, connecting to the internet using a CD ROM etc… can be all that is needed to allow your PC to become infected. These can effect PC performance, prevent applications from working, and occasionally prevent your PC from booting altogether.

Often we find customers come to us with what on the face of it looks like a computer or laptop hardware fault. But once we examine the machine we find the machine is infected with a virus. Usually many viruses.

What we have covered here are just a few of the ever increasing malicious programs that continue to infect our computers. As I’m sure we have mentioned before; prevention is better than cure. One good antivirus software should keep your computer safe and allow you to avoid the computer repair shop.

When is a professional computer repair service needed?

Once your computer or laptop is infected with a computer virus you should seek professional help from the guys at your local computer and laptop repair shop.

In our experience finding one virus is just the tip of your computer problems. The removal of computer viruses is not that straight forward as some would lead us to believe.

1. Not all antivirus software scan for the same threats.
2. In addition some viruses are designed to avoid certain removal methods used by the large antivirus software programs.

To completely check and remove every virus from your computer, your machine will need to be scanned by a range of virus removal techniques and software.

Simply scanning a laptop or computer with one antivirus program and getting a clean bill of health is a sure fire way of incurring a more expensive data recovery computer repair in the future.

My computer has a virus, what can I do?

1. Disconnect the computer or laptop from the internet.

2. If the laptop is part of a computer network, disconnect this to.

3. Don’t install any antivirus software. I know it’s tempting, but it’s pointless because you can’t be sure if the scan results are true or if they have been manipulated by the virus on the computer.

4. Call your local computer repair shop. Tell them that you laptop or computer has a virus and ask them for a quote. Some of the better computer repair shops will even come and collect your laptop free of charge.

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