I am currently using Sporting Index, SpreadEx, Extrabet (IG Index linked) and Betfair for my sports spread betting racing Formula 1 plays. I’m getting bored of all the time wasting financial tittle tattle going on in the world and making decent money spread betting Formula 1 most years, so spices it up a bit, for me at least!!:o)

The great thing with F1 spread betting and motor racing is that on this market they pay out on drivers finishing top 6 plus I can close out anytime. Kimi Raikkonen is pretty much for good finished and has been ever since he achieved his dream in becoming Champion; will also take Ferrari longer than Renault and McLaren to fight back.  https://esportsrant.com/

Red Bull are very quick but have had many reliability problems so far this year, the fact the race was in the wet that they won, means less stress was imposed on the car than normal, which perhaps helped their reliability in those conditions. Their car is also more suited to high speed tracks.

I’m a huge fan of Ross Brawn but not of Button, when it comes down to it I’m afraid he may prove their Achilles heel; you also have a recurring situation where results/rules can often be manipulated later in the year to make sure the title goes down to the wire – Button would be the likely culprit of that this year.

So many people thinking Button or Vettel will be Champion but exactly the same as stock market trading…people do the natural thing in blowing with the wind and believing what they see on the end of their nose rather than look beyond it, at this stage of the Formula 1 season we’re just circulating on the edge of a cobweb gravitating towards the centre hole but there’s an awful long way before we reach it and a lot will change between now and then.

The other teams already getting their diffusers together, Alonso had one last weekend for first time and stuck it 2nd on grid, Renault have big further developments coming in Spain and Monaco. Alonso in my opinion is one of the most talented racing drivers in the world and knows how to put a title together without choking; Briatore is also strong. I have always regarded Adrian Newey as the best guy in the world that understands how air flows around a car, Williams haven’t been the same since he left…

I don’t keep up with the news flow, just results, and have been surprised so far this year. It’s a good change for the sport I think. In any case I’ll happily continue to observe the masses and do the opposite for my motor racing plays:o)


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