If you’re looking to do your part for the environment and you’re a bicycle courier, it’s time to congratulate yourself – you already have a head start. Since your bike relies primarily on human power fuelled only by the calories you consume, you’re already contributing to the conservation of a dwindling, non-renewable fossil fuels, as well as helping reduce the huge carbon footprint attributed to the industry.

Because bicycles are smaller and move faster, it also means that you’re not part of those long, unmoving traffic jams every time you go off on a courier job. Not only do bicycles help reduce the air pollution by not relying on fossil fuels, they’re also quieter, thus helping reduce sound pollution as well.  https://courierdeliverypackage.com/

But realistically speaking, we know we can’t all be bicycle couriers. Some packages are just too big to be balancing on a bike (even on a motorbike!) and not all of us are young enough and fit enough to be zipping around on bikes. So what’s a man with a van (or a car, of course) to do?

Consider an Alternative Vehicle

The ideal way to try to make your delivery service eco-friendly starts with your mode of transportation. For shorter trips and lighter deliveries, consider an electric bicycle or scooter powered by green energy. Many of today’s electric scooters go an average of 65 kilometres on a single charge.
Your Next Car or Van

If and when your courier delivery business grows, and funds allow, plan on purchasing fuel-efficient cars and trucks, such as hybrids or those that run on biodiesel. Hybrids are known to produce fifty percent or less of the carbon emissions of a regular gas vehicle, while biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative to petrol.

Baby Steps to Going Green

If your business still isn’t at the point that allows for such big purchases, there are still many steps a courier can take towards eco-friendliness, even with a standard gas powered vehicle.

Regular maintenance – First, make sure you keep the vehicle you regularly use on your courier deliveries in tip-top condition and running smoothly. Under-inflated tyres, engines badly need of a tune-up, dirty oil and clogged air, fuel and oil filters can increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption considerably. Not only that, they also increase the emissions your car produces. Keep your car well maintained and you’ll find yourself not just with fewer problems in the long run as well as saving more money, but also helping to save the earth as well!

Choose vehicle repair and car maintenance shops that you know use environmentally-friendly products, and dispose of oil as well as other waste products efficiently in a responsible manner. If you’re the kind of client’s dream courier who keeps your car or van impeccably clean, choose products that you know are natural and biodegradable for cleaning your vehicle.

How you drive – A courier (as well as others in the transport industry) can contribute to the protection of our environment simply by sticking to efficient driving habits. Careful planning of the route with careful attention to consolidating trips, choosing the best and shortest ways towards the most deliveries, minimizing sudden stops and starts, accelerating slowly and keeping the time your vehicle is running while idle, all greatly reduce carbon emissions and help conserve gas.

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