Reviews are in high demand on the Web; in fact you could base an entire freelance writing career on them. So what kinds of reviews could you write?

Most writers immedia tely think of book reviews. However, while writing book reviews can be fun and entertaining, you can’t create a lucrative home based business on them.

Let’s look at the kinds of reviews you could turn into a business, as one writer did.

Your Own Home Based Review Writing Business – What to Review

My friend Anita fell into reviewing by accident. She now reviews affiliate products, but she started out reviewing Web sites.

She’s a magazine journalist, so she created a blog several years ago both to attract editors and to introduce her writing to them. She said: “I started reviewing Web sites on my blog, just for my own amusement – no one asked me to do it. Then something really odd happened. I got messages from Webmasters on many different Web sites asking me to review their sites, and offering payment for it too.”

Within a few months, her Web site reviews turned into a great little sideline. Anita explained: “After I’d done it for a while, I started to understand why my site reviews were popular. Firstly, they were a great source of links, and links are currency on the Web. Secondly, they provided credibility for the sites I reviewed – my reviews weren’t all positive, I was completely honest and tossed in a lot of zingers, but people loved it. Then of course, other sites popped up, whose sole business plan was providing site reviews.”

Knowledge is power, and Anita now understood just how popular reviews could be.

So Anita created several sites of her own, based on her reviews of affiliate products. Here’s how she tells it: “I was pregnant, so it seemed natural to create a waiting-to-be-a-mom type site, and review all the products I was buying for the baby. I simply found products which offered affiliate programs, and reviewed those products. I quickly made sales of the products, and received commissions.”

She created other sites in her areas of interest – cooking, photography, and real estate. All offered reviews, and all did well. So by the time her son was six months old, Anita no longer wrote for magazines, she was occupied full time with her review business.

Reviews are popular on the Web because they help people to make decisions. If you’re thinking of buying something, you’ll check for reviews, to see what others’ say. So reviewing products you use yourself, or buy yourself, or friends have bought, is a great way to get started in reviewing, because if the products have affiliate programs, you make commissions. Even if they don’t have affiliate programs, you can sell advertising on your sites.

How to Get Started in Reviewing

You can write reviews for others, or for yourself. To write reviews for others, just create several “sample” reviews on your own site, and advertise yourself as a reviewer.

You’ll also find many sites online which need reviewers, and although the payment is minimal, it’s a good way to get started.

Once you have some experience, branch out. Do what Anita does – review products and services in your areas of interest. You can base an entire home business on reviewing, so if the idea intrigues you, get started.

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